Thursday, August 22, 2013

City Council in Brief

If you missed Tuesday's City Council meeting, here are highlights.

Contract renewed with city’s fuel vendor
Council renewed the City's contract with Coleman Oil Company for $148,268. Coleman Oil will provide high-grade fuel and fuel services to the City.  Two dispensing centers, one north of I-90 and one south of I-90, are required and must be accessible at all hours of the day.  The company will provide the City with approximately 86,000 gallons of unleaded, 800 gallons of premium unleaded and 60,000 gallons of diesel fuel over the next year.

Council approves SRO agreement
An agreement between the City and School District #271 to keep school resource officers in schools for the upcoming year was renewed. The school district will pay $242,207 of the personnel costs associated with the program as well as overtime costs incurred by the SRO’s for school events. Six SRO’s are visible in the City’s middle and high schools.

Second budget amendment passes
Council approved the second budget amendment of the current fiscal year. The Council annually amends the original appropriations ordinance. The latest budget amendment shows increases in expenditures due to the carryover of projects, retirement payouts and grant expenditures among other things. The City will need additional revenues of $729,225 to cover the increased expenses.  City Finance Director Troy Tymeson said revenues are up and federal grants have provided in excess of $242,000. The last public hearing for the current budget will be at the Sept. 17 City Council meeting.

Part of Third Street to become a two-way street   
Council voted to limit traffic on Front Avenue between Second and Third streets in order to provide a better and safer pedestrian/bicycle connection between McEuen Park and City Park. This will result in changes on Third Street by creating two-way traffic between Front and Lakeside avenues.

Lease agreement approved for marina use 
A lease agreement amendment between the Eleventh Street Dock Owners Association and the city of Coeur d’Alene was approved. The agreement will allow the city to permanently dock its fireboat at the marina on the east side of Tubbs Hill. The agreement also provides for the temporary moorage of other public agency emergency vessels.