Thursday, July 18, 2013

City Council in Brief

Highlights from the July 16 City Council meeting

Justice retires from PD
Council approved the transfer of ownership of Justice, a narcotics detection canine, from the Coeur d’Alene Police Department to Officer Craig Buhl. Justice is 13 years old and started with the department in 2002. Officer Buhl has been her handler for the past 11 years. Because Justice suffers from arthritic joints, she is being retired from service. The department may look into purchasing a new service animal in the future.
Rental agreement with Idaho Department of Lands
Council approved an equipment rental agreement with the Idaho Department of Lands. The Coeur d’Alene Fire Department has been a part of the IDL immobilization plan for Wildland fires for 13 years. The agreement covers expenses in the event the Fire Department sends apparatus and personnel to a Wildland fire in or out of the area.
Third and Harrison intersection gets a face-lift
Council has approved plans to reconstruct the intersection at Third and Harrison streets and install a new traffic signal. The current signal is the oldest in the City and does not meet current design standards. The intersection will be reconfigured from three lanes on the north side to two lanes. The left-turn lane will be dropped, resulting in an intersection design that is more conducive to the flow of traffic. Equipment cost is about $128,000. Intersection reconstruction, including design, infrastructure and installation is about $88,000. The City will work with Northwest Signal Supply on the project. All of the City’s traffic signal equipment is provided by the same manufacturer in order to maintain compatibility and to reduce the expense necessary to stock replacement parts. Work is expected to begin in September.
Wastewater contract awarded to Williams Brother’s, LLC
Council awarded the contract for Phase 5C.1 of the Wastewater Treatment Improvement Williams Brother’s, LLC, which submitted the lowest bid of $8,670,367. The project will include the following improvements: a new membrane filtration equipment building, new mixing aeration and membrane tanks, a new secondary effluent transfer pumping station, changes to the secondary control building, changes to the chemical systems center and installation of an owner-purchased submerged membrane filtration system. In addition, all associated piping as well as two storage buildings will be demolished.
Public hearing set for Government Way project
As requested by the City engineer, the Council set Aug. 20 to hear public testimony regarding the final assessment role for closeout of Local Improvement District No. 150 relating to the recently completed Government Way (Hanley to Dalton) improvement project.
Public Hearing and budget approved for the 2013-2014 fiscal year
Council set Sept. 3 for the public hearing on the 2013-2014 fiscal year financial plan, and approved a preliminary budget of $78,277,296. This plan will include an estimate of all revenues and expenses for the upcoming year.