Thursday, March 28, 2013

McEuen Park Construction Update

Construction Status

The general contractor, Contractors Northwest Inc., is currently removing asphalt, curb and sidewalk from Front Avenue.

CNI started removing sidewalk Wednesday on the north side of Front Avenue to prepare for waterline work. The contractor sent out a notice to affected properties around the Fourth Street and Front Avenue area to let them know that water would be temporarily shut off while lines are re-routed on Friday. The same will be happen at the affected properties around the Fifth Street and Front Avenue area next week.  Notices will be sent out on Monday, April 1 and water will be temporarily shut off  Wednesday, April 3.

Acess to businesses

Asphalt grindings will be put down where sidewalk has been removed so pedestrians can have access to businesses.

Upcoming work

After the demolition is complete on Front Street and the re-routing of the water lines and some utility work is finished, the supports for the parking structure will go up. The shoring is expected to start around April 8. Once the supports are in, mass excavation of the site will take place.