Thursday, January 10, 2013

City and school officials reach partial deal on Person Field

City and school officials are a step closer to inking a deal on Person Field. 
The two sides met Thursday evening to discuss the sale of the district’s half of the field. The city, which owns the other half, wants to acquire the property in an effort to keep the field public green space. 
Both sides, however, have been unable to agree on terms of a sale. But Thursday, in just under two hours, city and school officials worked together to reach an agreement. The city will buy the district’s half of Person Field and acquire Bryan Field as part of the package. 
What hasn’t been determined is the price tag. City Council passed a motion to allocate $655,000 to purchase both Person and Bryan from the district. The city has argued that the true value of Person is about half that and the district should make up the gap in value.
The School Board also passed a motion packaging the two properties but with a price tag of $750,000. The district will get an appraisal of Bryan Field and the two sides will negotiate from there. It could take three weeks for the appraisal, officials said.