Monday, December 22, 2008

Snowstorm "Bluebird"

From Tim Martin:

Storm Bluebird Crews were in early this morning in anticipation of the early arrival storm. Crews currently are clearing all Arterials, Hills, and Emergency Routes.

We anticipate plowing citywide and crews will start in residential areas mid-morning. This work will be a real grind as we need to widen many of these streets for future snow events. I anticipate “Snowgating” the residential areas and while even “gating”, residents will have more than normal berms associate with this snow event. Because of the amount we received with the last storm and with cold temperatures this snow tends to swim around the gates.

Please Listen to KVNI and Channel 19 for plowing updates in your Coeur d’Alene residential area

Be Safe, and have a happy Holiday Season.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow Gate Usage Suspended Temporarily

From Jon Ingalls, Deputy City Administrator:

Our adopted Snow Plan mentions that the Street Superintendent may need to suspend use of snow gates if the snow reaches overwhelming levels. We are certainly at that point. The greater need right now is trying to get roads passable, and therefore we may need to put non-snow gate equipment into neighborhoods to open them up for emergency and passable. The gates if used would not be effective in this snow anyway.

The good news is the snow is light and will not leave the heavy ice berms.

Tim Martin and our street department are applying every resource available to this storm.